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Can I see a demo of Meal Delivery Software?

Yes. Click on the Schedule Demo link in the menu. A representative will guide you through the software. We will answer any questions you may have.

How can I purchase Meal Delivery Software?

Meal Delivery Software is delivered via the Internet. It is Software As A Service. Updates and customer service are included.

We distribute meals from more than one location. Can we use Meal Delivery Software?

Absolutely! Meal Delivery Software can be configured so that each distribution center is a child of the parent entity.

Can you transfer data from our current system to Meal Delivery Software?

Yes. There is no charge for transferring data to Meal Delivery Software.

How long will it take to get Meal Delivery Software working for us?

It can take as few as 48 hours. However, in most cases we need to customize the software to meet client needs. The time it takes to do this varies. Schedule a demo or a consultation and we can talk through the process.

How does Meal Delivery Software work?

Meal Delivery Software is a web-based application that uses a sophisticated realtional database to store and manipulate data. From the client's point of view Meal Delivery Software consists of web pages organized by type of activity that are used to add and edit information and generate reports.

How does Meal Delivery Software deal with clients who make changes at the last minute?

Last minute changes by meal recipients are managed are easily addressed. You can change the number of meals a client is to receive on any date with the click of a button. Changes can be reversed just as easily.

Is it possible to schedule multiple days of meals to be delivered on a single delivery?

Yes. You have complete control over which and how many meals are to be delivered to a meal recipient on any date.

What reports are available?

Meal Delivery Software has both Standard Reports that apply to any client and Custom Reports that apply to specific clients. The rule is: "If we have the data, we can create the report." There is no cost for creating custom reports.

We do things a little bit differently than other Meals on Wheels. Can Meal Delivery Software be customized to meet our needs?

Our experience is that every meal service does things differently. As a result we do a lot of customization. We have an extensive code base to draw on when customizing the software for a client. Unless you have a very unusual need, there is no cost for customizing the software.

Is it possible to make changes to the software after we have used it for a period of time?

Absolutely. We know that things change over time and are happy to accommodate our cients.

How secure is our data?

Meal Delivery Software follows industry standards reqarding the security and integrity of your data. All data transferred via the Internet is protected using the current standard. Meal Delivery Software's servers are housed in professionally manage service centers. Data is backed up daily both on and off site.

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