Meal Delivery Software
Meal Delivery Software

Our affordable full-featured software will simplify your meal deliveries.
Spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping your clients.

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Services & Features

Software As A Service

  • Accessed via the Internet
  • Unlimited Staff Access
  • Unlimited Meal Recipients
  • Incredible Customer Service

Manage Clients

  • Add and Edit Clients
  • Manage Client Meal Requirements
  • Manage Client Route Assignments
  • Manage Client Status Changes
  • Manage Congregate Sites

Manage Meals

  • Kitchen Reports
  • Print Labels
  • Create/Edit Meals
  • Change Client Meal Needs on the Fly


  • Software Customized for Your Needs
  • Customized Reports
  • No Charge for Data Transfer

Manage Deliveries

  • Driver Route/Delivery Reports
  • Change Drivers of the Fly
  • Create/Edit Routes
  • Change Route Delivery Order


  • Create Client Invoices
  • Record/Edit Client Payments
  • View Client Invoice/Payment History
  • Export Data to Quickbooks®


  • Secure Internet Connection
  • Servers Located in Secure Data Centers
  • Data Backed Up Daily
  • You Control Log In Access


  • Reports Customized to Your Needs
  • Reports Downloadable to Spreadsheet

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